As a manufacturer or producer, you need to ensure that your products, processes, components and materials meet the current fire protection codes and standards. Equally, you want assurance that new requirements and conditions don’t adversely affect your business.

Koffel’s engineers are active in the development of the national fire and life safety codes and standards and sit on numerous technical committees. As a result, manufacturers and producers rely on our fire protection engineering consulting to not only protect and represent their interests at industry hearings, but also to provide risk analysis and oversee product development and testing, including developing non-standardized test procedures.

Some of our product testing & evaluation services include:

• Testing and evaluation of fire proofing
• Testing and evaluation of unique structural assemblies
• Testing and evaluation of new products, such as fire-rated glazing, smoke and heat vents, and insulation

As part of our work in codes and standards development, we have provided code representation services to numerous national and international clients, including:

• American Hospital Association/American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)
• American Pyrotechnics Association
• American Society of Interior Designers
• APPA International
• Bilco Corporation
• Bobrick Washroom Equipment
• Carpet and Rug Institute
• Chemical Fabrics and Film Association
• Consumer Specialty Products Association
• Dupont Polymers
• EIFS Industry Member Manufacturers Association
• Mitsubishi Chemical America
• Firestop Contractors International Association
• Glazing Industry Code Committee
• Lamson & Sessions
• McKeon Rolling Steel Door
• National Electrical Manufacturers Association
• National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association
• National Wooden Pallet Association
• North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
• Semiconductor Industry Association
• Society of the Plastics Industry—Fluoropolymer Manufacturers Committee
• Won-Door Corporation