Satisfied clients say.........

“…we have the best Life Safety drawings that we’ve ever had and are the most comfortable we’ve ever been from a surveyor’s standpoint.  We are very impressed with the documents, they will be a great tool for us!" - Hospital, Minneapolis, MN

 “Koffel is the Best! We love the great work Lennon does as well as whoever works with him. Thank you for great service.” - Joseph C, Director of Facilities, Hospital, Baltimore, MD

“Koffel Associates has been working with our medical center for over 15 years. I truly appreciate the level of expertise and teamwork that they bring to the management of our life safety issues, including the life safety assessment of the buildings, the SOC preparation and management and the review of new projects. The staff at Koffel are there for us to answer questions and to assist us with navigating the myriad of fire codes and standards that a modern hospital must be in compliance for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff.” - David M, David M, Environmental Safety Manager, Hospital, Glen Burnie, MD

“Last week I was fortunate to have received your three day seminar, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Your information was complete and detailed enough to prepare any staff for changes and inspections. With the constant restructuring and remodeling that occurs, especially in large facilities, this information is vital for repurposing areas correctly, the first time.  Your experience and insight helped answer many questions and concerns on our 200 bed medical center, for staff at all levels, and in many departments. Yesterday, the county Fire Marshal did a complete inspection of the facility. As a new agent for the All Haz Inspection, he was meticulous in his investigation. Your timely information was significant in enabling our staff to prepare and provide answers, quickly and correctly. There were no deficiencies cited for Life Safety.  Truly appreciative.” - Anthony S, Clinical Laboratory, Chemical Hygiene / Safety / Biosafety Officer, San Bernardino, CA

 “… I understand that design was done by Koffel Associates, a very well regarded FPE firm in the Baltimore/Washington area. I've known Bill Koffel for over 30 years and have the utmost confidence in their FP design work. If Koffel Associates did the FP design at Silver Spring, I don't expect to find any problems there.”  - Tom G., Risk Control Consulting Director, Chicago, IL