While the Koffel team has a vast array of fire protection engineering design and code consulting experiences, we are also recognized for our comprehensive Life Safety Code® consulting, surveying, analysis and design for health care facilities.

We regularly perform The Joint Commission (TJC) Statement of Conditions (SOC) and develop equivalencies for deficiencies, as well as provide a full range of services to medical facilities to ensure they fulfill their requirements for providing safe environments.

Our health care facilities services include:

• Building and life safety assessments
• Equivalencies development for non-compliant existing conditions
• Statement of Conditions (SOC) preparation for TJC
• TJC Environment of Care (EOC) consultation
• DNV accreditation consulting
• General accreditation consulting
• Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance issues consulting
• General fire protection and life safety consulting for new and existing structures
• Design of fire protection systems
• Construction administration services

TJC requires that Life Safety Drawings contain the following information to be compliant:

• A legend clearly identifying fire safety features
• Hazardous area locations
• Fire-rated barrier locations
• Smoke barrier/smoke compartment locations
• Sleeping and non-sleeping suite boundaries and sizes
• Linen and Waste Chute locations
• Shaft locations
• Approved equivalencies
• If the building is partially sprinkler protected, a means of identifying which
portions of the facility are fully sprinkler protected

Koffel Associates provides compliant drawings for our clients.

Are your drawings in compliance?

Georgetown University Hospital
Location: Washington, DC
Client: Georgetown University Hospital

University of Iowa
Location: Iowa City, IA
Client: University of Iowa