Not only do we provide fire protection and life safety systems engineering design, we can be your second set of eyes. After all, many of our engineers are former code officials and we’re on-going participants in the development of code and design guidelines.

While you’re balancing function with aesthetics, we keep a keen eye on whether those choices meet codes and standards requirements. Our most cost-effective impact begins early in the design process. Our fire protection and life safety consulting and third-party peer review services can help you get your designs or permits approved. Or if you’re already dealing with those denials or deficiencies, rest assured that we’ve helped clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars with our recommendations for reassessments or for developing equivalencies to code requirements based on our expert understanding of the intent of codes.

From project to project, Koffel is your expert, go-to source for:

• Systems design
• Staff training on codes and standards
• Construction administration support
• Negotiating an equivalency or explanation by speaking the language of AHJs
• Fire protection and life safety consulting